The website is awesome, lots of content and really shows off your talents.

Everything looks good on the site!

Hey Patrick, this is Timeka from the set of Unanswered Prayers. Just checking out your website and this is nice! Be blessed!

Excellent site Strange. Excellent indeed. Impressive presentation.

The site is good to go! Bangin'!

My name is Dharmesh Tailor, Owner of Wicked Cinemas. I'm also a producer, writer and director. I've worked with Patrick on many film projects in the area and I must say that I have never met anyone as dedicated, hardworking, and professional as Patrick Strange. He takes direction very well and delivers his lines on cue and is in sync everytime on every take. He gets the job done and with little guidance. He comes prepared on set and has a full understanding of his character that he is about to portray. Excellent talent for this area! I will work with him again.


You rock babe. This looks great.


Congrats Patrick! Great site!

Very cool! Congrats!!!